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Webinar Lydia + Alina

Topic: Probiotics: Key Players in Gut Health and Animal Production

Description: A balanced and efficient gut microbiota is crucial for profitable animal production. However, this balance is often disturbed by a broad spectrum of intestinal pathogens resulting in severe gut inflammations and impaired feed conversion. Today, several feeding strategies, including probiotics, circulate to prevent such gut dysbioses confidently and support intestinal health, animal performance, and overall well-being.

In our webinar, we give you a compact overview of intestinal health and the beneficial effects of probiotics including feeding strategies to increase and stabilize animal performance and farm profitability. Join us on a journey through the fascinating world of intestinal health and the incredible role of probiotics.

Time: 15.June.2021 09:30 AM in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien


Dr. Lydia Zeibich
R&D Application Manager for Probiotics

Alina Uhlenkamp
R&D Application Manager for Probiotics

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