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Webinar Conny

Topic: Understanding Endotoxins - How can feed additives counteract this ever-present risk?

Description: Endotoxins, their impacts, and their practical relevance are a heavily discussed topic in the veterinarian and human medicine alike. But how to handle this ever-present risk being frequently responsible for reduced health, performance, and even animal welfare?

In our webinar, we will give a comprehensive overview of the nature of this particular toxin category and under which circumstances endotoxins may become a threat to animal physiology. We will then show you how to counteract this risk with feed additives and efficient endotoxin management.

Time: 06.July.2021 09:30 AM in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien


Dr. Cornelia Becker
R&D Application Manager for Mycotoxin and Endotoxin Management

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