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State-of-the-art technology ensures highest quality.

Production & quality

Completed in May 2002, the production and storage facility in the north of Lohne was built to meet the strictest quality standards. Biochem’s quality management system is based on the DIN EN ISO 9001 and GMP+ (HACCP) standards.

Production & qualityProduction & quality

High hygiene standards

The GMP+ system (“Good Manufacturing Practice”), an internationally recognized certification system for the animal feed industry, sets particularly high standards for buildings and equipment as well as for storage, transport, processes and documentation. The GMP+ system integrates quality management requirements and regulations from ISO and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). The GMP+ quality mark shows our customers that we are committed not only security at all stages of the feed chain, but also reliability and quality – and that we meet all of the statutory standards for the animal feed industry locally and around the world. This ensures that we contribute to the safety of food of animal origin in line with our motto of “Feed Safety for Food Safety®”.

The requirements of the GMP+ quality system go above and beyond the statutory standards. For example, all test equipment (e.g. scales) and machines are regularly inspected according to an inspection and maintenance plan.

GMP+ also demands the application of the HACCP system required in the food industry. The continuous analysis and assessment of critical control points during production processes and storage derived from this ensures maximum security. We take preventive measures to avoid physical, microbiological and chemical contamination. These measures include, among others, the installation of fine screens to prevent physical contamination, the use of an external pest control service, and the required risk assessment of all raw and secondary materials.

Specially designed high-speed doors are used to separate raw and secondary materials from the end products – a required measure. This enables us to successively clean individual areas of the building and ensure hygienic production and storage. In addition, the underfloor heating installed throughout the building reliably prevents cross-contamination from dust being stirred up.

You can find an overview of our quality certificates here.


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Modern filling systems

On the basis of this quality system, Biochem produces highly effective end products that are filled in individual container sizes. This means that we can offer container sizes ranging from a 50 g sachet up to 1,000 kg big bags at all times.  Our state-of-the-art filling systems ensure flexible and seamless production.

The production and mixing processes are managed by the control center, the heart of the production department where all data are aggregated and statistically analyzed. As well as setting the dosage parameters and coordinating formulations, all processes can be automatically controlled by a specially developed mixing program. Regularly prescribed checks of the mixing system (Bühler Speed Mixer DFML 200) ensure the exact mixing ratios.


A capacity of 8,500 pallet bays in our modern high rack warehouseA capacity of 8,500 pallet bays in our modern high rack warehouse

Modern high rack warehouse

We have a capacity of 8,500 pallet bays thanks to our modern, 15-meter high rack warehouse that was built in 2009 and expanded in 2016. The advantages of the storage system include space savings, improved efficiency and short distances.

Incoming and outgoing products are recorded electronically using a barcode system so that all of the latest inventory information, such as storage space and quantities, can be accessed anywhere and at any time.


Sustainable growth

Customer orientation and flexibility take very high priority at Biochem. We can initiate the production process for individual batches at any time to meet our customers’ demands.

That is another reason why we have modernized and expanded our capacities: we can produce up to ten tons of feed in two mixing lines per hour in our new, 22-meter production tower. To speed up the process, one of the lines has fully automatic bagging, micro component dosing and palletizing systems.

As part of our modernisation process, our liquid production has also been expanded. An automated liquid filling system, various label printing and dispensing systems for different custom labels/packaging, as well as new mixing equipment for batch sizes of up to 6,000 liters make our production fit for the future – without compromising safety or quality. The plant is equipped with a pharmaceutical-standard CIP cleaning system and is clad completely in stainless steel (V4A).

Our maxim is this: flexible and reliable solutions through optimized process technology and closely integrated control networks.