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Kunstarbeiten der Förderschule Wolgast

Social commitment – an affair of the heart.

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Competition for the transition from school to work

In the spring of this year, Biochem, the local school administration and the transitional managers of the LvO initiated a public tender on this topic. The aim of the competition was to invite regional special schools and centers to submit their ideas and concepts which should ultimately allow students to have a good transition from school to work. Sponsor Biochem, who is supporting the Janusz-Korczak special school for twelve years, had offered cash prizes for the best concepts. Biochem wanted to extend the support to other special schools in the county, focusing on transition management in particular.

The competition call was followed by six schools and free sponsors who submitted their ideas so that the jury, which consisted of representatives from the sponsor, the state school office, the youth office and school administration as well as the LvO, was spoiled for choice. All concepts were characterized by innovation and practicality.

All participants were invited to the award ceremony on August 9th, 2011, where everyone had the opportunity to present their ideas. The county administrator expressed her sincere gratitude to Biochem for the generous cash prizes which were endowed with 7,500 Euro for the first and 5,000 Euro for the second place. The concept of „Biberburg“, a support center from Anklam, was the most convincing, leaving the Janusz-Korczak special school, the „Kleeblatt“ school from Anklam as well as the „Am Park“ school from Behrenhoff behind to share the second prize.

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