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Our vision for the present and future.


Efficient optimization and resource conservation

Our aim is to maximize efficiency in animal nutrition. Our ongoing focus on the balance between economy, ecology and safety in animal feed and food production makes a valuable contribution to the well-being of future generations.

Efficient optimization and resource conservation.Efficient optimization and resource conservation.


Matching feed to the exact needs of the animals ensures both their well-being and high stall output. This enables farmers to fully leverage animals’ genetic potential. More efficient feed use results not only in less feed and lower costs – it also reduces nutrient excretion by livestock and helps businesses to meet strict environmental regulations.


Resources are a scarce commodity – and important nutrients are not always used by the animals as planned. As a consequence, large amounts of these substances are excreted unabsorbed, placing an unnecessary burden on the environment. This is why our additives and concepts are designed for optimal nutrient efficiency for responsible use of all resources. This approach ensures the food supply for future generations and, at the same time, reduces nutrient emissions in the environment.


The feed used is a significant factor in the safety of animal food products. This is one reason why we monitor the quality of all our products. We even go one step further by having the effectiveness of our concepts regularly analyzed by independent institutions. This ensures that animals receive optimal nutrition so that consumers can enjoy meat, milk and eggs of the highest quality.