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Indagra 2015


Between 28th of October and 1st of November 2015, the international trade fair INDAGRA took place in Bucharest, celebrating its 20th anniversary. The event attracted over 480 exhibitors from 23 countries, who presented new concepts and equipment in various fields of agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and animal husbandry.

Indagra 2015Indagra 2015

The manifestation occupied the entire exhibition area, respectively 17,700 m² on the inside and another 14,000 m² on the outer platforms.

Biochem attended the fair for the 8th time with a booth of 15 m², participating with several colleagues of the sales department. It was a great opportunity to meet important customers as well as competitors and to lay the foundations of future collaborations.

Author: Hannes Wolf

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