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Successful LIV Hardenberg 2015


For the first time Biochem participated in the LIV in Hardenberg with its own booth. The LIV is an exhibition for farmers with focus on poultry, swine and/or fattening calves in the Netherlands and the western part of Germany. The exhibition took place from 20th until 22nd of October.

LIV Hardenberg 2015LIV Hardenberg 2015

Besides the wide field of  feed additives in which Biochem has grown extensively, Biochem now introduced its DFS products. With its Bimulac® range, the booth attracted a large number of farmers and veterinarians. Main subject was the reduction of antibiotics and improving the health status of young animals.  With its complete range of feed additives and DFS products, Biochem proves to meet the today needs of farmers and veterinarians.

Author: Siep Raap

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