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BIO AUSTRIA-Farmersdays 2016

The BIO AUSTRIA-Farmersdays 2016 welcomed 1200 participants. Amongst, Martin Geib the Biochem country representative who participated the 15th Austrian organic poultry conference and informed with a roll-up presented in the conference hall about the organically registered probiotica BioPlus® YC & Gallipro® - „Natürliche, probiotische Mikroorganismen stabilisieren die Darmflora und verbessern die Proteinverdauung“/ Natural, probiotic microorganism stabilize the gut flora and improve protein digestion . Gut integrity & gut health showed to be of vast interest at customers and end user clients.

Hence these topics were deeply discussed during break times. The number of accredited and available organic protein carrying feedstuffs is very limited. Consequently, special attention has been presented to the additional utilization of enhanced protein digestibility at feedstuffs, this feature is beyond any traditional use of probiotics. The use of Gallipro® & BioPlus® YC enables a far easier feed formulation with a more cost-effective feed meeting the natural requirements of the amino-acid-profiles of the animal.

Author: Martin Geib

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