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Co. Arya Dalman visits Biochem

In August, Biochem CEO Eckhard Thölke welcomed 35 farm owners, sub-distributors, veterinarians, agricultural engineers and professors from the University of Tehran, who had accepted the invitation of our Iranian distribution partner "Arya Dalman" to visit Biochem’s headquarters in Lohne.

During their stay, the group took part in various seminars, farm visits and product training courses, which offered the perfect opportunity to share experiences and knowledge of the products and to develop new, sustainable solutions based on Biochem’s product range. Later it was time to gain an insight into the production facilities including all associated processes. For all participants, the stay in Lohne developed into an important and successful union that promises a bright future of business cooperation.

Author: Dogan Süre

Besuch Araya DalmanBesuch Araya Dalman

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