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Concepts for the reduction of antibiotics in young animals – Biochem will provide information at EuroTier 2016

The sustainable reduction of antibiotics is an emerging topic worldwide. Biochem will present special concepts for chicks, calves and piglets at EuroTier in November. The company’s long-standing experience allowed for the effective combination of chosen additives in their feed supplements. With their motto “Right from the start” Biochem shows that an optimal supplementation of young animals has a sustainable effect not only on health but also on the reduction of antibiotics.

Under field conditions andin university trials, BioSol, a product specially developed for chicks, has proven to decrease mortality, heighten performance and to lower the incidence of early diarrhea.  The newest compatibility test with live vaccines supports the effective and convenient application of BioSol in day old chicks.

Bimulac® Extra promotes gut health and supports the local immunity in newborn and rearing calves. Field trials have shown a strong reduction of diarrhea as well as cost savings compared to a therapeutic and prophylactic medication.

Piglet diarrhea: no thanks! Is the motto for Bimulac® Pre. The consistent effect of Bimulac® Pre against diarrhea could be seen repeatedly in the field as an effective measure to reduce antibiotics. One additional weaned piglet per litter increases economic efficiency and rounds off the concept.

Let our team consult you directly at EuroTier.

Biochem’s aim at reducing antibiotics can also be seen in the company’s cooperation with the internet platform


Author: Melanie Seifert

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