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EuroTier in the anniversary year



With great satisfaction Biochem looks back on a very successful trade fair in Hanover and is delighted by the keen interest of partners, customers and trade visitors in the company's product portfolio.

As the focus has been set to be Biochem’s 30th anniversary and its history, the one-liner "Great stories often have simple beginnings" functioned as a well-fitting motto for this year’s EuroTier.

Other current topics, such as the reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen excretion, as well as the improvement of intestinal health resulting in a reduction in the use of medication, attracted lots of attention during the fair.

As a part of our Farm Concepts Biochem also introduced the products B.I.O.Sol, Bimulac® Pre and Bimulac® Extra which provide an efficient prophylaxis to reduce the use of antibiotics.

With our Farm Concepts we are able to offer effective nutritive solutions for the various challenges in animal husbandry. Our state-of-the-art products help veterinarians and livestock owners deal with current problems in animal health, with the prevention of antibiotics or the improvement of general animal welfare just being a few examples.

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