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GalliPro®/BioPlus® for commercial broiler launch in Switzerland

This year, the WPSA conference 2016 was held in Zollikofen, Switzerland. The local distributor Dr. Markus Moser (Provet AG, Director), manufacturer Florence Rudeaux (Chr. Hansen, Product Management Poultry) and Martin Geib (Biochem, Country Sales Manager) look back at continuously increasing numbers of participants.

Based on the vast interest on the presented Chr. Hansen probiotics, the poultry industry specialists have been informed about  potentials in protein reduced diets utilizing the unique Bacillus subtilis strain marketed as GalliPro®. This has been supported by a poster “Effets d’une souche de micro-organisme productrice d’enzymes Bacillus subtilis (DSM 17299) sur les performances des poulets de chair nourris avec des aliments à niveau de protéines réduites.“ As a novelty, participants received a pre-published article of the Swiss Poultry Magazine regarding stable gut flora with the means of flexible feed formulation.

GalliPro® combines the unique opportunity of improved bird performance (by improving energy & protein digestibility) and at the same time optimizing gut health and immune status.

Author: Martin Geib
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