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Facing challenging market situation during Ildex Indonesia


Ildex 2017Ildex 2017

The challenging market upheavals and avian influenza (AI) outbreaks in Indonesia dominated the discussions at the Biochem booth during this year’s Ildex in October. Especially the planned ban of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) lets the industry search for effective alternatives.

The product portfolio of Biochem Indonesia is well-positioned for these challenges with its concepts for farms and 4Feed!  Therefore, Biochem offered two seminars to Ildex visitors to shed some more light on nutritional AGP alternatives. 

As stress level and pathogen pressure is very likely to increase on Indonesian farms due to the AGP ban, Melanie Seifert (product manager DFS poultry) addressed stress management with a special focus on Biochem’s DFS product (B.I.O.Sol, B.I.O.Zink and B.I.O.Vit® E/Se/Zn Liquid). The differentiation between nutritional AGP alternatives and the discussion about Biochem’s pro-and prebiotics (Triple P®, TechnoMos® and BetaPro) for feed application were reviewed during the second seminar.

Overall, Biochem looks back on a successful participation at Ildex which was rewarded with the trophy for the “second best performance stand” from the organizers.

Author: Katharina Nordlohne

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  • Ildex 2017
  • Ildex 2017
  • Ildex 2017
  • Ildex 2017

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