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Participation in the VIV Turkey 2017

28.07.2017 in Istanbul

VIV Turkey

Biochem gladly looks back at a successful participation in the VIV Turkey 2017 in Istanbul. Once again, the fair attracted both national and international customers from all over the world.

The steadily growing Biochem staff managed to sustainably expand the Turkish market during the past few years. This goes hand in hand with the successful establishment of the brand „Biochem“ as a whole.

With currently five distribution partners and more than 40 products Biochem is one of the leading suppliers for feed additives in the Turkish market. The demand for high-quality solutions is paramount in particular.

Thanks to the clear structuring of our portfolio into the two fields „4FEED!®“ and „Farm Concepts“, our existing clients as well as potential new customers were given the best possible advice.

Author: Dogan Suere

  • VIV Turkey 2017
  • VIV Turkey 2017
  • VIV Turkey 2017
  • VIV Turkey 2017

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