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News from Biochem

This year, Biochem has participated in the 31st exhibition of SPACE which has been held at Parc des Expositions in Rennes (France) between 12 and 15September 2017.

SPACE is considered as the largest exhibition in France and attracts more and more French and international professionals in the livestock sector (all species) every year. This time, more than 100,000 visitors (nutritionists, product managers, technicians, veterinarians, breeders, ...) came during these days.

We were pleased to welcome customers, distributors, premixers and feed mills from France and Europe on our booth. Said Radwan (Regional Technical Manager IMEA, Biochem) also welcomed our guests from the whole Middle East region and from Sub Sahara/Africa.

The main foci this year were:

In swine:

BioPlus® YC in sows, now available for gestating and lactating: more than 25 trials in sows confirmed the positive effects of BioPlus® YC.

TechnoYeast®, offering a solution for high-quality protein source in piglet’s first age, and focusing on our last study on the development of intestinal physiology in weaned piglets. (Keimer et al., 2017)

In poultry:

BioPlus® YC/GalliPro® (feed and drinking water), the Bacillus strains for the digestibility of energy, proteins and amino acids enhancing the effectiveness of feed.

TechnoMos® (standalone or in combination), used in broiler and turkey production to maintain gastrointestinal integrity, modulate the immune system, keep herds healthy, and secure margins.

Additionally, we highlighted our portfolio of nutritional supplements offering the most adapted ingredients for various situations in farms: Bimulac® Pre for neonatal diarrhea piglets, Bimulac® Extra to reduce antibiotics in calves, LiquiPhos® Strong for a supply of phosphorus in poultry breeding.

Author: Laurence Huet

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