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Successfully combating heat stress


Successfully combating heat stress with StressPack® SLSuccessfully combating heat stress with StressPack® SL

As temperatures in the northern hemisphere are reaching their climax this summer, strategies in dealing with heat stressed poultry are gaining relevance once again to secure your herd’s performance. Parameters such as feed conversion, growth rate, egg production and mortality are quickly influenced when poultry is exposed to high temperatures. Several measures, such as the optimization of ventilation, water supply, or supplementation, among others, can be taken to help poultry with the adaptation to high heat and humidity.

  • The foremost task in relieving heat stress should be the adjustment of ventilation. As thermoregulation in poultry is adjusted mainly via the respiratory tract, the supply of sufficient fresh, cool air is crucial. Additional ventilators might need to be installed to assure high air exchange rates. Evaporative cooling systems placed at the air intake or spray cooling inside the house will also help to keep temperatures low.
  • Since the water intake of poultry increases to a multiple of the normal consumption during heat stress, the hygiene and functionality of the water system should be immaculate. All drinkers should be in working order and water pressure needs to be high enough to ensure a sufficient supply all the way to the end of the line.
  • Feed supplements that can be administered via the drinking water have been proven useful tools in supporting heat stressed animals. Products such as Biochem’s Stress Pack® SL, an innovative combination of ingredients including betaine and vitamin C, can already be given prior to anticipated rises in temperature to mitigate the negative impact on performance and to ensure health and welfare of your herd during temperature extremes.

In combating heat stress successfully while maintaining high performance, animal welfare and lastly your profit, a comprehensive approach is needed. Please contact our sales team to find out more about the possible product solutions Biochem has to offer in your region.

Author: Melanie Seifert

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