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Biochem Announces the Launch of Bimulac® Weaner Synbiotic for Weaner Pigs


Globally recognized animal feed additive expert, Biochem has just announced the formal launch of their new product Bimulac® Weaner. This new synbiotic has been developed by Biochem to support weaner pigs by reducing the use of Zinc Oxide and antibiotics.

Biochem is pleased to announce the launch of yet another top-notch product in the form of their new Bimulac® Weaner synbiotic. Designed specifically for weaner pigs, this new product will contribute to a stable intestinal microbiota and properly functioning local immune defence with the aim of eliminating the use of zinc oxide and antibiotics. This new product will complement Biochem’s Bimulac portfolio that was launched in 2014 with Bimulac® Pre for suckling piglets. 

Settling diarrhoea in piglets has always been a common problem for the animal rearing farms. Caused mostly by bacterial pathogens, the most common remedies are high rates of zinc oxide and / or prophylactic antibiotics. However, the farmers, veterinarians, animal feeders have always demanded an alternative because these remedies can lead to resistance.

Developed in close association with experienced veterinarians, Bimulac® Weaner utilizes the synbiotic effect of pro- and prebiotics to stabilize the intestinal microbiota. The established Bimulac® Pre concept is continued in weaner piglets to prophylactically support the piglets during the first weeks of their lives and to offer the farmer a holistic support. Available in powder form, the product can be mixed with any feed and administered simply and quickly by means of a drug dispenser or by hand.

Mentioned below are the active ingredients present in Bimulac® Weaner and their functions.

  • Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Licheniformis:  Suppression of unwanted gram-positive bacteria such as clostridia, streptococci, etc. Also promotes the colonization of lactic acid bacteria in the intestine.
  • Enterococcus Faecium: Stabilizes the intestinal microbiota and leads to a rapid colonization in the intestine. Lowers the pH to displace pathogenic germs.

The Bimulac® Weaner-containing lactic acid bacteria colonize the intestines permanently, thereby avoiding re-infection with pathogens. With the addition of pectin, free water is bound in the digestive tract and reduces the pH in the intestine to suppress harmful bacteria.

“Following the successful launch of Bimulac® Pre in 2014, we have been encouraged by veterinarians, farmers and customers worldwide to expand the Bimulac® concept in recent months,” says Mareike Schmidt, the Product Manager for Dietary Feed Supplements. “With the support and trust, we were able to test different formulations for Bimulac® Weaner and to develop a product through professional exchange that not only arouses national interest, but also in Europe, which are not dependent on an antibiotic reduction is requested. We are pleased to introduce Bimulac® Weaner as an effective contribution to animal health.”

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