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Biochem Announces the Launch of B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% Bovine Colostrum Powders


Biochem has just made an addition to their excellent range of animal nutrition products with the official launch of B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% Bovine Colostrum Powders. An extension of the company’s B.I.O.Ig portfolio, the new product line B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% offers a much higher fat content compared to the existing B.I.O.Ig products.

Biochem is delighted to announce the official launch of the company’s new product B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% Bovine Colostrum Powder. Company sources have also informed that the B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% product line is an extension of Biochem’s B.I.O.Ig portfolio with two new products: B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% IBR negative (aggl.) and B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% (aggl.). Available in 10 kg packs, the B.I.O.Ig line of products has been formulated to be fed to new-born animals to boost passive immunity. These products also support the intestinal immunity of the young animals.

Made from bovine colostrum, B.I.O.Ig passes on the antibodies, immune factors, and nutrients that are clinically proven to support the health of the young animals by helping develop their immune system. It also provides high-quality fats and proteins like lactoferrin that help develop healthy bones and muscles in young animals.

Prior to the launch of B.I.O.Ig Energy 15%, the B.I.O.Ig portfolio comprised of 5 products viz. B.I.O.Ig 30% IBR negative (cryst.), B.I.O.Ig 30% IBR negative (aggl.), B.I.O.Ig 30% (aggl.), B.I.O.Ig 20% IBR negative (aggl.), and  B.I.O.Ig 20% (aggl.). Now, with the launch of B.I.O.Ig Energy 15%, Biochem’s B.I.O.Ig product line now comprises of seven products that differ in terms of their Immunoglobulin G content, the presence of BHV-1 antibodies (IBR), and production process.

All B.I.O.Ig IBR negative products are free of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) and BHV-1 virus antibodies (field and vaccination) and therefore especially suitable for cattle feeding. The two new B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% products contain a much higher fat content of 23% compared to that of the previous products in the portfolio (3%).

With stringent quality and manufacturing practices, Biochem exercises strict control over the entire supply chain. The collection of bovine colostrum is handled by ISR Food Logistics and Processing GmbH, a partner company of Biochem with the same owner. Before it is marketed around the world by Biochem, bovine colostrum is collected by ISR from hand-picked and audited dairy farmers in Europe.  Also, each colostrum batch is tested and analysed before it enters into Biochem’s GMP+ certified production process.

To find out more about Biochem’s B.I.O.Ig Energy product line, please visit our B.I.O.Ig website

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