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Biochem Announces the Launch of HatchGel® SP


HatchGel SP Combines All Necessary Attributes of Successful Hatchery Treatment

Biochem has just enhanced its popular range of animal nutrition products with the launch of the new HatchGel SP for modern poultry breeds. This uniquely formulated gel solution not only functions as an application medium, but also combines nutritional value, prebiotic effects, vaccine protection, water stabilizing effect, and coloring effect.

HatchGel® SP - For visual supportHatchGel® SP - For visual support

Biochem is pleased to announce the formal launch of their new product HatchGel SP. Formulated with the goal of ensuring efficient application of substances to chicks in the hatchery; this product combines all the essential attributes of successful hatchery treatment, making it the ideal carrier for orally applied substances. The product’s prebiotic component boosts the immune system, in addition to supporting the efficacy of probiotics and other gut-active components.

Establishment and maintenance of a sound gut health is one of the biggest challenges in poultry farming. Experts recommend taking adequate steps to secure the intestinal health of poultry as early as the hatchery processing phase to ensure optimal future performance. With just one formulation, HatchGel SP benefits the health of the chick by combining

  • Nutritional value
  • Prebiotic and immune stimulating effects
  • Water stabilizing effect
  • Vaccine protection
  • Coloring effect

HatchGel SP also implements the beneficial properties of Spirulina, a type of microalgae species known to contain bioactive ingredients scientifically proven to be prebiotic, anti-inflammatory, and immune modulating. The presence of Spirulina microalgae makes HatchGel SP a high-quality nutritious supplementation supporting performance, immunity, and health.

Biochem informs that HatchGel SP is ideally suited for a combined application with B.I.O.Sol, the company’s popular probiotic product. B.I.O.Sol is already proven to reduce mortality rates in the first week post-hatch and ensure a greater uniformity of the flock. It also improves feed conversion and increases slaughter weights. The combination with HatchGel SP will magnify these effects as it further supports the immune system.

HatchGel SP can be applied in hatchery or in the house, as droplet application or on top of starter feed. It requires no colorants because the product comes in a bright green color with best visibility for the chicks. The manufacturer recommends a general dosage of 100 g HatchGel® SP dissolved in 2.5 liters fresh water for 100 crates or 10,000 chicks.

“I congratulate our entire product development team for coming up with yet another excellent product,” said Melanie Seifert, Product Manager Dietary Feed Supplements. “HatchGel SP not only supports the efficacy of probiotics and other gut-active components, it also boosts the immune system. This superior carrier for hatchery applications puts your herd one step ahead of the game.”

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