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Biochem at the 17th BOKU Symposium Animal Nutrition 2018 in Vienna


The 17th BOKU Symposium Animal Nutrition was held at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. With this year's motto "Carbohydrates in animal nutrition", a multinational audience of experts used the symposium to discuss current scientific research projects.

For this purpose, a large number of national and international scientists of veterinary medicine and agriculture have gathered. In addition to the scientific symposium, there was also the opportunity to present current research work in form of exclusive short presentations and posters, which go well beyond the main topic area.

This year Biochem was again represented at the BOKU-Symposium 2018 with a poster contribution on the topic “Combination of bacillus-based probiotics and yeast-based-prebiotics improves fecal consistency and reduced individual antibiotic treatment in early weaned piglets”.

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