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Biochem France Conducts Seminar on the Influences of Piglet Microbiota and Performance


The French Biochem team recently invited key professionals from the animal feed industry to discuss piglet microbiota and its impact on performance. The seminar took place on the 26th of June, in La Chapelle sur ERDRE close to Nantes.

Antonia SchulteAntonia Schulte

The French Division of Biochem, a global leader in developing and marketing feed additives for animal nutrition, recently hosted a seminar highlighting the importance of weaned piglet microbiota and ways to improve it in young pigs. The event was held at La Chapelle sur ERDRE near the city of Nantes on the 26th of June, and was graced by over fifty dignified guests from the animal feed industry.

The seminar started with reception of the valued guests and a round of coffee. Gilles Langeoire, a renowned swine nutritionist who was the moderator of the event. The first speaker of the seminar was Hugo Mamba-Schlick, a former Olympic triple jumper who explained how nutrition has affected performance throughout his career.  During his speech, he emphasized on the correlation between his peak performance and feeding strategy.

Michel Neunlist, the Director of Research at National Institute of Health and Medical research (INSERM), was the next speaker and he explained the link between the brain and the gut, with a focus on microbiota evolution and metabolic diseases such as Alzheimer’s syndrome or diabetes. Following this, Professor Jana Seifert from the University of Hohenheim spoke about the factors capable of modifying piglet microbiota and the positive impact of probiotics on performances.

After the lunch break, Antonia Schulte from Biochem’s Research & Development department presented the company’s effective solutions (BioPlus/TechnoMos/TechnoYeast) to improve the performance during the first forty-five days in the life of the piglets.  The event was rounded off with Biochem Technical Sales Manager for Scandinavia Ebbe Nielsen highlighting the constraints around antibiotic use and the application of Biochem solutions in Denmark. Kim Knudsen, a well-known Danish swine producer discussed his experience with combinations of pre- and probiotics and why he used them.

“At Biochem, we are always looking to organize events that make a positive difference to the global animal feed industry. Our recently held seminar on piglet microbiota was a great success, and we thank all our guests for their presence and active participation,” said Rene Moreau from Biochem.

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