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Biochem Launches Online Dosing Calculator App to Ensure Optimal Performance for Farms


Biochem has recently introduced an advanced online dosing calculator app to help farms achieve optimal performance as well as care for the animals. Over a period of more than three decades, this family owned organization has been a global leader in development and marketing of feed additives for animal nutrition.

Biochem, a globally trusted name in development and marketing of animal feed additives, is delighted to announce the official launch of their new and advanced online dosing calculator app. This new product is intended to help animal rearing farms calculate the optimal dosage of feed for optimal performance. Following three simple steps, this dosing calculator calculates the correct dosing amount and duration of supplement and dietetic feeds. The app is currently available in five different languages, and is optimized for desktop, tablet and Smartphone. Most importantly, the app can function without an internet connection.

The supply of hygienic water plays an extremely important role in the functioning of an animal rearing farm. Based on the number, age, or weight of the animals, the dosing calculator ensures optimal care of the animals by calculating the optimum amount of supplemental feed for the stock.

A daily recommendation is provided by the calculator on the basis of daily water requirements and the consideration of any existing dosing pumps, allowing the consumption of the treated drinking water within a certain period of time. This ensures that all animals are adequately supplied with the respective products. On the other hand, it also minimizes the dwelling time of the products within the water pipe. This prevents the formation of biofilms, keeps the pipes clean, extends the maintenance intervals, saves labour, and keeps the animals performance-ready.

The correct dosage is crucial for the desired nutritional effect of supplement and dietetic foods.  In modern high-performance breeds, the demand for power peaks often exceeds the supply level in the feed. A sufficient dosage of supplementary and dietetic feed via the drinking water is the prerequisite for optimal care. However, accidental overdoses must be prevented because they are detrimental to efficiency and may even have negative consequences for the animals' health in the worst case.

Mentioned below are the simple steps involved in using the new dosing calculator app from Biochem.

  • Users specify their daily water needs or use the help link "determine daily amount" to obtain a recommended water requirement.
  • Enter the dosing specification of the product
  • Provide information about the dosing pump's setting span
  • Confirm the terms and conditions to receive the optimal dosage for the livestock

“Our product team has spent months to design and perfect a dosing calculator that we believe will have a game-changing impact on the efficiency of the animal rearing farms as well as the well-being of the animals,” said Melanie Seifert, Product Manager from Biochem. “Please contact us today to find out more about this app and how it can help you and your farm.”

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