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Biochem optimizes packaging


New Biochem packagingNew Biochem packaging

The packaging for a variety of Biochem products is now reclosable and more stable.
A fresh new white-green design is featured on 14 feed supplements including AviCare SL, B.I.O.Sol Fertility Pack® and Rescue Kit® SL.

Much easier handling

The zip bags make handling much easier for users and reclosability guarantees freshness of the powdered products down to the last gram. Thanks to a flat bottom, the bags are more stable and less likely to tip over – which makes portioning farm concept products even easier.

Biochem Farm Concept

Developed for veterinarians and livestock owners, the Biochem farm concept provides nutritive solutions for pigs, poultry, cattle, and horses. The new Biochem packaging makes it easier to maintain animal health.

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