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Biochem Strengthens Operations in South America with New Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Biochem is pleased to reveal that the company has recently opened an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the goal of catering better service to the company’s rapidly expanding market in South America. Headquartered in Lohne, Germany, the company has carved a niche in the global animal nutrition market with their top-rated supplements and feed additives for pigs, poultry, ruminants, and companion animals. Biochem currently operates in sixty-plus countries around the world, with more than two hundred fifty employees.

“It is a matter of great pleasure for us to announce that our new office in Sao Paolo, Brazil is now fully operational. In the recent months, we have completed all the necessary staffing to ensure seamless functioning of our growing business in the South American market,” said Dr. Alexander Grafe from Biochem. “Led by a highly capable management team, we are confident about building a robust presence throughout South America.”

In the initial phase, Biochem is offering their popular products E.C.O.Trace® and ProbioTrace in the Brazilian market. However, numerous Biochem products including B.I.O.Key®, TechnoSpore, TechnoZyme, Bimulac® Pre, ProbioSacc 2G, TechnoMos®, TechnoYeast, Lactiferm® Fe; B.I.O.Acid, and B.I.O.Mould® will be available very soon in Brazil. The company has already teamed up with a well-recognized distribution partner in Brazil.

The supplements and feed additives from Biochem are available in powder as well as liquid, paste, and water-soluble form. The company’s additive concepts are focused around the profitability and sustainability of the livestock farmers while improving the intestinal health and nutrient utilization for the animals. The farm concepts derived by Biochem has significantly served the animal husbandry sector by successfully addressing multiple challenges faced by the industry.

Biochem leverages the latest scientific developments in its field to deliver world-class products that help the livestock owners and veterinarians deal with the most critical challenges related to animal health and nutrition. Over the last three decades, the company has been engaged in scientific research in association with several globally acclaimed institutes. Biochem’s product range includes probiotics and prebiotics, organic trace minerals, enzymes, toxin binders, emulsifiers, acids, betaine products, and colostrum powder.

In pursuit of becoming a potent force in the South American market, Biochem recently started operations in Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and Uruguay, and the new office in Sao Paulo is a part of this expansion process. Monica Florez, based in Germany, serves as the company’s Regional Technical Manager for South America. Sources reveal that Paulo Ricardo Lima de Oliveira is Biochem’s Regional Sales Director based in Brazil.

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