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Biochem to Introduce New Corporate Website in Farsi


Biochem, a family-owned organization dedicated to the development and marketing of feed additives for animal nutrition, is all set to unveil a new corporate website in Farsi. Created to provide better service to the company’s local customers in Iran, this new website will be officially launched during the Tehran Feed Expo 2018 on August 11-13.

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Lohne, July 2018. In their relentless effort to support the company’s rapid global expansion, Biochem is pleased to announce that the company is all set to launch their new corporate website in Farsi. Based in Lohne, Germany, this family owned company is noted for their expertise in developing and marketing feed additives for animal nutrition. The new, mobile-friendly Farsi website of Biochem will help them provide better service to their growing customer base in Iran.

Biochem is the manufacturer of high-quality supplements and feed additives in powder form as well as liquids, pastes, and water-soluble products for pigs, poultry, ruminants, and horses. The company’s 4FEED!® product line stands for innovative feed additives and the custom concepts for modern livestock nutrition created with them. The additive concepts derived by Biochem are targeted towards making livestock farming profitable and sustainable while focusing on dietary aspects to improve intestinal health and increase nutrient absorption.

Biochem’s farm concepts offer effective and nutritive solutions to address multiple challenges faced by the animal husbandry industry. All their products are manufactured utilizing the latest scientific advances and are meant to support veterinarians and livestock owners in dealing with the current animal health challenges. Scientific research in tandem with independent, internationally-recognized institutes has been a top priority for Biochem over the last three decades. The company currently has over two hundred and fifty employees, with branch operations and a distribution network in over sixty countries all over the world.

Biochem’s new website is expected to play a key role in expanding the company’s business in Iran by making it easier for the local customers to know more about their products and commitment to quality. Company sources reveal that this new website will go live during the upcoming Iran Feed Expo 2018, scheduled to be held in Tehran on August 11-13.

“We are extremely happy to announce that the development of our new Farsi website is now complete and it will be launched during the Iran Feed Expo 2018,” said Nasser Heidary, Regional Sales Director IMEA from Biochem. “We have no doubt that this advanced website will make lives easier for all our present and future customers in Iran.”

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