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Biochem Ukraine Ltd. Earns GMP+ (B3 Standard) Certification


Biochem has recently received the GMP+ FSA B3 Standard certification for their Ukraine division. Achieving this internationally recognized certification system for the animal feed industry reconfirms Biochem’s commitment towards maintaining the highest level of safety, quality, and reliability throughout the feed chain.

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Lohne, August 2018. Biochem is pleased to announce that their Ukraine division, Biochem Ukraine Ltd. has recently been awarded the GMP+ FSA (B3 Standard) Certification for the trade of compound feeds, feed additives, feed materials and feed premixes. A family-owned company, Biochem specializes in developing and marketing feed additives for animal nutrition, and is currently operational in over sixty countries across the globe.

GMP+ is a globally accepted certification scheme that facilitates companies to contribute to safe feed. Their schemes comprise of clear standards and requirements to ensure safe feed and responsible work methods throughout the chain. In addition to production facilities, this system also concerns storage, transport, personnel and procedures. GMP+ FSA certification is considered to be unique because it integrates ISO standards, HACCP and other elements to guarantee safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

Biochem Ukraine Ltd. is the second Biochem branch to receive GMP+ certification. Polska Sp.z.o.o. and the headquarters and production facility in Germany have been GMP+ certified long ago, and the company continues to enhance the quality standards throughout the entire supply chain. Some of the production and quality practices that have helped Biochem receive GMP+ certification include:

  • Use of preventive measures to avoid physical, microbiological and chemical contamination
  • Specially designed high-speed doors to separate raw and secondary materials from the end products
  • State-of-the-art filling system to ensure flexible and seamless production
  • Efficient control center for managing production and mixing processes 
  • Modern high rack warehouse
  • Automatic bagging, micro component dosing and palletizing systems
  • Automated liquid filling system, label printing and dispensing systems
  • Pharmaceutical-standard CIP cleaning system

“Quality management at this level only works if all employees are well-qualified and familiar with our standards,” says Alexander Wellinghof, the Head of Quality Management at Biochem. “This certification and the daily implementation of its requirements in our production facilities enable us to guarantee the reliability, quality, and safety of our products for the animal feed chain.”

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