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Improve Gut Health for your Animals

Biochem has developed a number of outstanding products over the past few months and is planning to launch Bimulac® Weaner, HatchGel SP and B.I.O.Ig Energy at EuroTier 2018. We look forward to presenting our latest product innovations in Hall 23, booth A41.

As part of the global Biochem family, we invite you to discover what's new in professional livestock farming at EuroTier from 13 to 16 November. Experts will be available at our exhibition stand to answer all your questions related to high-quality feed additives and innovative farm concepts.

EuroTier offers Biochem a perfect opportunity to present the latest product innovations and highlight the company’s effective feed and farm concepts that have already received accolades from the industry.

We look forward to introducing our new products at the trade show in Hall 23, Stand A41. Our team of experts will be present at EuroTierto provide complete details on improving intestinal health and nutrient utilization for livestock.

Biochem has introduced a number of outstanding products over the past few months. This includes our state-of-the-art dosing calculator designed to help swine and poultry farms ensure optimal performance by accurately calculating the optimal dosage of water-based feed supplements. The new app enables users to quickly and easily perform the necessary calculations on-site in the barn or feed kitchen. 

The much-anticipated launch of Bimulac® Weaner synbiotic, a product formulated specifically for weaner pigs, will take place at EuroTier. This product utilizes the synbiotic effect of probiotics and prebiotics to stabilize intestinal flora and support piglets during the first few critical weeks of their lives.

The Biochem B.I.O.Ig Energy 15% product line will be unveiled at EuroTier 2018 as an extension of our B.I.O.Ig portfolio. The two new products offer as much as 23% fat content compared to only 3% in the previous product range. HatchGel SP is another new product ready for market launch at EuroTier 2018.

Along with the new products, the company's extensive portfolio of feed additives developed for dietary support of gut health and increased nutrient utilization will be highlighted at EuroTier. Visitors can also learn about the Biochem farm concepts that have been helping veterinarians and livestock farmers all over the world maintain and improve animal health.

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