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New E.C.O.Trace® Bioavailability study presented at the GMS conference in Jena

From 07.-09. In June, the Society for Minerals and Trace Elements e.V. (GMS) held its 34th annual meeting in Jena. The lectures of the conference were titled "Health benefits and risks - from single essential elements to molecular interactions". A diversified specialist audience traveled to the university town to discuss current research projects around the topic of trace elements.

National and international scientists from human and veterinary medicine, biochemistry and agriculture gave interesting lectures. In addition to the scientific symposium, research groups presented current work and results in form of posters.

Biochem also participated in the conference with a poster, where current results of a bioavailability study on organically bound trace elements in broiler chickens were presented. The title of the poster was "Impact of trace mineral source on performance, digestibility and retention of zinc, manganese, copper and iron in broiler chickens".

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