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Pro- and prebiotics expert gives a presentation at the "Vet Congress" in Lithuania


The International Veterinary Congress is the largest of its kind in Lithuania. Already for the third time more than 800 experts met to discuss relevant news from the field of veterinary medicine and to acquire new knowledge from colleagues at home and abroad. From small animals to poultry and dairy cattle, experts were present for all animal species.

In addition to many interesting presentations by renowned scientists, Biochem was represented by our expert for probiotics and prebiotics Antonia Schulte with a presentation on stabilizing rumen function with yeast-based probiotics. Biochem has been working on this topic intensively for a long time and Antonia Schulte was able to convince the experts with a lot of knowledge and scientific and trial-based data.

Biochem - Expert for Pro – and Prebiotics, Antonia Schulte, during the congressBiochem - Expert for Pro – and Prebiotics, Antonia Schulte, during the congress

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