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Biochem Announces the Launch of RumiPro Product Line for Ruminants 

Globally acclaimed manufacturer of animal feed additives, Biochem has recently introduced their new RumiPro product line for ruminants. This product line comprises of three high-quality products formulated to address the specific nutritional requirements of the ruminants.

Biochem is pleased to announce the official launch of their new product line RumiPro that has been designed for special ruminant needs. A family owned business dedicated to manufacturing top notch supplements and feed additives for animal nutrition, Biochem has a strong presence in over sixty countries around the world. Their new RumiPro line comprises of three products, two of which were previously available and has been renamed now as parts of the new product line.

Ruminants are cud-chewing animals such as cattle, sheep and goats with specific nutritional demands. The most important part of the ruminal digestive system is known as the rumen, and it needs adequate support to supply the host with nutrients. The microbial organisms living within the rumen require sufficient supply of nutrients and optimal conditions for their growth and activity. The RumiPro line from Biochem has been introduced to deliver these specific ruminant needs.

The first product in the RumiPro line is Probio-Sacc 2G, which will now be known as RumiPro Top. This product utilizes live yeasts in combination with hydrolyzed yeasts, leading to synergistic effects and stabilization of rumen conditions and performance. With changes in raw materials, now this product is also usable for organic farming. The most important benefits of the product include stimulation of microbial fermentation, stabilization of rumen pH level, enhanced fibre digestibility, and increased milk production.

Previously known as Rumen Appetizer, RumiPro Appetizer is the second product in the RumiPro line. This is a targeted application for individual cows with reduced feed intake. When sensitive rumen threatens to collapse, RumiPro Appetizer supports the growth and activity of rumen bacteria with the help of its easily fermentable substances. Moreover, the yeast symbiotic contained in this ready-to-use product creates optimal conditions for the rumen bacteria. Its benefits include promotion of rumen bacteria growth, quick restoration of feed intake, and increased animal welfare.

The third product in the new product line, RumiPro Basic is a new product. This product is composed of hydrolyzed yeast based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae, using prebiotic effects with a stabilization of rumen fermentation by supporting rumen bacteria with nutrients. An optimal solution for pelleted compound feed, RumiPro Basic can also be mixed into feed and then sold as compound feed.

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