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Nutritionists & Industry Leaders Gather in Lohne for the “Neonatal Immunity & Young Animal Nutrition” Seminar


Biochem's young animal nutrition seminar

More than 80 nutritionists and industry leaders highly involved in young animal nutrition gathered for the “Neonatal Immunity & Young Animal Nutrition” seminar at Biochem’s headquarters in Lohne. Internationally recognized speakers offered their insights, experience, and latest trends on bovine colostrum in early animal nutrition.

A crowd of 80 nutritionists and industry leaders from 14 countries came together for the 2-day “Neonatal Immunity & Young Animal Nutrition” Seminar at Biochmen’s head-quarters in Lohne, Germany. The seminar aimed to exchange the latest insights, trends, and best practices sharing related to neonatal immunity and young animal nutrition. The benefits of bovine colostrum and colostrum products for the passive and local immunization of young animals was the key topic of the seminar.

The seminar featured eight speakers that ranged from scientists, veterinarians, nutritionists, R&D managers to business leaders who talked about young animal immunity, disease prevention, strate-gies for rearing, and colostrum collection and processing. Speakers included Prof. Dr. Rupert Bruck-meier (University Bern), Dr. Norbert Stockhofe-Zurwieden (Wageningen University & Research), Prof. Catherine Belloc (Oniris-INRA), Martin Hapke (ISR Food Logistic and Processing) and representatives of Biochem’s R&D team.

“Our goal was to bring ideas, trends, and experience to the young animal nutrition community to stress the importance of early nutrition and a good start into life,” said Dr. Heiko Greimann, event host and Biochem’s Managing Director. “I was very pleased with interest and idea-sharing, and I al-ready look forward to the next Biochem seminar on Young Animal Nutrition,” he concluded.


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