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Piglet Protector triples the chance of survival for underweight suckling piglets

Field trial in the Philippines provides impressive proof of the efficacy of Piglet Protector piglet paste.

Passive immunity in piglets of crucial importance

The main causes of early piglet mortality are the lack of immune protection and the very low energy reserves. Therefore, an adequate colostrum intake immediately after birth is crucial. This enables the piglets to develop their passive immunity.

We know that the immunoglobulin levels in the blood of 15 % of piglets are too low. Reasons for this can be:

  • Low concentration of immunoglobulins in the colostrum
  • Decreasing ability of the intestinal wall to absorb them
  • Weakness of piglets and competition between siblings
  • Deteriorating health of the sow itself.

Piglet Protector has been developed to provide the additives needed for the optimal development of newborn piglets.

The passive immune system is supported by immunoglobulins, while medium-chain fatty acids provide highly available energy. Probiotics promote the development of a healthy intestinal microbiota and the digestibility of nutrients. Vitamins and trace elements finally make the paste for suckling piglets a balanced completion of the foremilk.

In recent years, international field trials have repeatedly shown a significant reduction in piglet mortality using Piglet Protector.

Reduction of Piglet Mortality - Piglet Protector

Piglet Protector in brief

In 2004, the first 100 units of Piglet Protector were shipped to France. Since then, the sucking piglet paste has been a supporting pillar in the DSF piglet range from Biochem.

In 2018, the Piglet Protector supported piglets in 17 different countries.

Piglet Protector is designed primarily for small, weak piglets to reduce suckling pig mortality.

The main components of the paste are:

  • Bovine colostrum for passive immunity
  • Trace elements for strengthening the immune system
  • Probiotics to stabilize the intestinal flora
  • Medium-chain fatty acids for rapid energy supply
  • Vitamins

The supplementary feed is taken from an 80 ml cartridge. It should be given once or twice after the first colostrum intake, using two milliliters per dose.

In this short video, we show you the application step by step.

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Field trial in the Philippines 2018

A recent field trial in 2018 in the Philippines has provided exciting findings.

On a conventional pig farm, 20 sows and their piglets are divided into a treatment and a control group. Only piglets with a birth weight between 0.7 kg and 1.0 kg are observed.

A dose of Piglet Protector is administered to the experimental piglets within six to twelve hours of birth. A second dose followed after another 12 hours. Piglets with diarrhea are treated with antibiotics in both groups.

The measured parameters were weight at birth and weaning, mortality and treatment with antibiotics.

Test results:

  • Weight: Although the average birth weight of piglets in the treatment group (828 g) originally was significantly lower than in the control group (876 g), the experimental piglets had an average weaning weight 700 g higher after a 28 to 30-day suckling period (p=0.001, T-test in independent samples, SPSS Vers. 24). That corresponds to an average daily weight gain of 244 g compared to 220 g for the control group.
  • Mortality: the mortality rate of piglets in the treatment group was reduced by more than two-thirds compared to the control group (11.4 % versus 37.5 %).
  • Antibiotics: the treatment with antibiotics also showed clear positive effects. While 4.5% of piglets in the treatment group had to be given antibiotics, in the control group the figure was as high as 15%.

The benefits of the piglet paste summarized:

  • The positive effect of probiotic colonization of the intestine can reduce the need for antibiotic treatment.
  • A healthy intestine, on the other hand, enables a better weight gain.
  • The energy supply by medium-chain fatty acids improves the vitality of the piglets and increases their chance to reach more colostrum. This supports the immune system and promotes the young animal in critical phases.

The bottom line

Supplying piglets with high-quality additives as quickly as possible after birth is of increasing importance for successful piglet rearing.

The genetic progress in breeding resulting in ever larger litters has further increased the demand for Piglet Protector worldwide.

The efficacy of this feed supplement has been demonstrated in several trials in different countries, most recently in the Philippines.

The main strengths of Piglet Protector are that it:

  • Supports passive and active immunity.
  • Establishes positive intestinal flora.
  • Provides a highly available energy source.

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