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Biochem announces a new Technical Sales Manager for Benelux


Leo Langkamp

Biochem, a highly trusted manufacturer of animal nutrition feed additives, announces Leo Langkamp as the new Technical Sales Manager for Benelux. With 20 years of experience in animal nutrition and housing, Leo is responsible for Biochem’s Farm and Feed Concept product lines in Benelux. He reports to the Regional Sales Director Central Europe, Niels Otto Damholdt.

We are pleased to appoint Leo Langkamp as the new Technical Sales Manager for Benelux. Leo brings 20 years of sales and technical experience to the position. He has held sales and technical roles with Nuscience, Agrifirm, SVOV, Pigtek, Duynie, and Sme-Lang. Leo Langkamp is responsible for feed additives from 7 product groups (Mycotoxin Solutions, Pre- & Probiotics, Trace Elements, Betaine, Emulsifiers, Acids, and Immunglobuline) as well as for the swine, poultry and ruminants farm concepts in Benelux. Leo works together with Kristof Sarrazyn (Technical Sales Manager) in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

“His in-depth knowledge and a lifelong passion for animal husbandry are crucial for our success, and customer support in the Benelux countries”, said Niels Otto Damholdt, Biochem’s Regional Sales Director Central Europe.

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