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We will cope with the Corona crisis

In this unprecedented situation, all of us at Biochem are concerned about the health and safety of our families, colleagues, customers, and
partners. Our hearts are with the people affected by the coronavirus
directly and those who are facing severe measures to slow its spread.

During this time, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we are
approaching the situation to ensure our business and, in turn, yours.

We have developed measures safeguarding the health of our employees and minimizing the impact on the delivery of products to you.

Working remotely – we have encouraged our employees to work from home where possible to mitigate the risk of teams becoming infected.
We also ask our teams to work with customers, suppliers, and
business partners through digital channels as much as possible.

On-site safety – all employees who must be on-site (e.g., quality control,
productions, logistics) apply strict hygiene protocols and social
distancing. These sanitary protocols and guidelines also refer to our
partners who deliver and collect goods to/from our facilities. We have
implemented schedules and splitshifts to reduce the number of people in a
single location as much as possible.

Supply of goods – we do everything possible to supply you with our
products and services. We have ramped up our stock of raw materials and
finished products to ensure a continuous supply to the animal and food
production chains. We are in constant contact with our logistic partners to act quickly on any capacity change in the transportation sector.

In-person events – we are postponing our in-person events, and
seminars and turning some of them into virtual online activities.

As this is a very dynamic situation, our teams and especially your
Biochem contact person will proactively reach out if there is any
additional support we can provide. If you have any questions about
Biochem’s reaction to COVID-19, please contact your contact person or email us to

The Biochem Management Team

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