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VerSal Liquid

  • Rind
  • Schwein
  • Huhn
  • Feed Application

VerSal Liquid is an acid premix and is used primarily for salmonella prophylaxis in drinking water systems. It is a combination of formic, lactic, propionic, acetic and citric acids.

  • Benefits
    • Improves drinking water hygiene
    • Reduces the buffer capacity in drinking water
    • Inhibits growth of certain harmful pathogens
    • Reduces gastric pH
    • Increases enzyme activity
    • Improves nutrient recovery
  • Mode of action

    The hygiene properties of VerSal Liquid in drinking water has a positive impact on the animals’ digestion and stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract. VerSal Liquid combines the positive properties of a wide range of organic acids.

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