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Our Hepatron® product range includes several established betaine products that vary in their effects, handling, costs and objectives. In addition to various powder we also offer various powder products, we also offer a range of liquid variants.

  • Benefits
    • Increases digestibility of nutrients
    • Improves growth and feed conversion
    • Stabilizes metabolism in periods of stress
    • Wide range of different sources of betaine
    • Approved for all types of animals with no time limit
  • Mode of action

    As well as reducing choline chloride and methionine, Hepatron® supports intestinal stability with its osmoregulatory effect and ensures maximum resorption potential for nutrient uptake through the intestinal mucous membranes.

    In poultry, it promotes the effect of coccidiostats and ensures drier litter

    Furthermore, with its balancing effect on the water level of the cells Hepatron® can lower the animal’s need for energy, and can have a positive impact on the carcass.