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Our Bredol® product range includes three different non-ionic emulsifiers. Liquid and powder forms with hydrophilic or lipophilic characteristics are available.

  • Benefits
    • Flexible application options
    • Mixes well with water, fats and oils
    • Mixes homogeneously
    • Improves the pelleting process and pellet quality
  • Mode of action

    The use of Bredol® during the pelleting process and extrusion can lead to significant financial benefits thanks to reduced energy consumption and higher capacity utilization. The quality of the pellets is improved after treatment and an optimum moisture content is achieved.

    Bredol® 683 is a viscous liquid and is suitable for the homogeneous mixing of oils and water.

    Bredol® 692 is an emulsifier in powder form on a mineral excipient.

    Bredol® 6613 is a viscous liquid and is suitable for use with water-based binding processes (e.g. extruded fish feed).