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  • Huhn
  • Feed Application

TechnoZyme P contains 6-phytase as active substance which releases phosphorus from phytate in diets for monogastric animals.

  • Benefits
    • Reduces need for supplementation of inorganic phosphorus
    • Improves utilization of phytate-bound minerals and proteins
    • Reduces the environmental impact from phosphate excreted by poultry
    • Improves animal performance
  • Mode of action

    Phosphorus is essential for all biological organisms. Unfortunately, the digestibility of phosphorus coming from plant feedingstuffs is low. Monogastric animals like poultry have a lack of sufficient intestinal phytase for breaking down phytate, which is present in cereal and soybean based diets to various extents.

    TechnoZyme P ensures a hydrolytic digestion of the phytate and thus makes the bound phosphate usable for the animals. The better the digestion and utilization of organic bound phosphorus, the less inorganic components need to be used.

    Phosphorus is not the only valuable nutrient which is locked on the phytate complex. There are many others nutrients such as calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium and amino acids. While the phytase releases the phosphorus from the phytate, these substances are released as well.

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