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  • Huhn
  • Feed Application

TechnoZyme is as a highly effective multi-enzyme combination. It will help to meet the nutritional requirements of the animal while also increasing profits for producers.

  • Benefits
    • Enhances weight gain and feed utilization
    • Uniform weight development
    • Increases the release of nutrients especially from low viscosity energy providers
    • Improves starch digestibility in the small intestine
    • Reduces endogenous protein losses
  • Mode of action

    Our multi-enzyme complexes are specifically designed for different dietary challenges in mixed grain diets in order to improve energy utilization and nutrient efficacy.

    Special combinations of xylanases,  glucanases, phytases, amylases and proteases suit all dietary compositions. Longstanding experience and cooperation with pioneers in EU approved enzyme production are a matter of course. Tailor-made mixtures for country specific requirements are part of our service.

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