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BioPlus® YC

  • Rind
  • Schwein
  • Huhn

BioPlus® YC is an EU-registered probiotic that combines the positive characteristics of two spore-forming microorganisms, Bacillus licheniformis DSMZ 5749 and Bacillus subtilis DSMZ 5750.

Product illustration BioPlus® YCProduct illustration BioPlus® YC

  • Benefits
    • Unique probiotic combination
    • Scientifically proven and tested in practice
    • High level of stability and efficacy
    • Improves feed conversion and growth
    • Increases cost effectiveness
  • Mode of action

    BioPlus® YC improves feed conversion and leads to increased performance in sows, piglets, pigs for fattening, turkeys and calves by promoting high enzyme production and comprehensive intestinal stabilization.

    BioPlus® YC supplements in feed for young animals leads to animals full of vitality with excellent growth. Increased growth performance and better feed conversion increase the breeding efficiency and offer the optimum basis for sustained, positive fattening results.

    BioPlus® YC continues to have a positive impact on growth, feed conversion and carcass quality in animals for fattening.

    The “Flexible Feed Formulation” concept allows nutrients to be reduced in fattening feed, helping to optimize feed costs and increase profitability.

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