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Biosprint® is an EU-registered live yeast from the strain MUCL 39885, used in ruminants and horses due to its active fermentation and pH- stabilizing effects.

  • Benefits
    • Stabilises the pH in the rumen
    • Reduces risk of metabolic disorders
    • Improves performance
  • Mode of action

    Live  yeasts consume oxygen, which enter the rumen through constituent fibres, for instance, creating an environment in which beneficial anaerobic bacteria can thrive. In this way, Biosprint® stimulates the cellulolytic bacteria and the bacteria responsible for breaking down lactate in the rumen. This results in an increased ability to digest fibres and the production of free fatty acids, which in turn increases feed utilization. Improved digestibility has a positive impact on feed intake.

    High dosage Biosprint® acts to combat the rapid drop in pH usually associated with high sugar and starch rations. Especially in high-energy feeds with high levels of concentrated feed, Biosprint® can help to lower the levels of lactic acid produced, one of the contributors to acidosis. It prevents a sharp drop in the pH in the rumen, stabilizing the rumen environment. The result is improved rumen health, greater performance and better overall well-being.

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