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GalliPro® Fit 

GalliPro® Fit, the easy choice.

GalliPro® Fit is a triple-strain probiotic consisting of 3 carefully selected strains:

  1. B. subtillis DSM 32325
  2. B. subtillis DSM 32324
  3. B. amyloliquefaciens DSM 25840

This probiotic was developed to boost prevention programs, contribute to food safety and deliver profitability in poultry production.

GalliPro® Fit has an EU-authorization (4b1894) and can be used in feed for:

  • all poultry species for fattening
  • all poultry species reared for laying or breeding
  • Benefits
    • Suitable for premix, mash and/or pelleted feed
    • Controls zoonotic bacteria to support Food Safety
    • Inhibition of gram-negative and -positive harmful gut microbes
    • Modulation of the immune system
    • Improvement of protein and energy availability
    • Stabilization of animal performance
  • Mode of Action

    GalliPro® Fit has 3 main and complementing modes of action.

    1. Direct pathogen inhibition of gram-negative (Escherichia coli, Salmonella) and gram-positive (Clostridium perfringens) bacteria
    2. Gut-protection by coating the epithelium
    3. Increase of nutrient digestibility through bacterial enzyme production

    These modes of action stabilize animal performance under different production conditions (e.g., climate, raw materials). Although each strain has its special benefits, the combination of the 3 selected strains makes the product highly effective and efficient.

GalliPro® Fit is the easy choice to support disease prevention programs and achieve profitability from the starter to finisher phase.

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