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B.I.O.Key® Lysinates

  • Rind
  • Schwein
  • Huhn
  • Fisch
  • Haustier
  • Pferd

Our B.I.O.Key® macro minerals are bound to the essential amino acid lysine and are available in the following product variants:

  • B.I.O.Key® Magnesium
  • B.I.O.Key® Calcium
  • Benefits
    • Optimal support of mineral status
    • Reduced risk of deficiency symptoms in situations of increased demand
    • Low dust formation, excellent flowability and dosability
    • Suitable for powder and liquid products
  • Mode of action

    The absorption of magnesium and calcium can be impaired by undesirable interactions (antagonisms) with other feed components and minerals.

    By the binding to the lysine molecule, the metal ion (Ca, Mg) is protected from being released in the low pH environment. Therefore the occurrence of antagonisms in the gastrointestinal tract is reduced.

    This improves the bioavailability of magnesium and calcium from our B.I.O.Key® macro minerals compared to inorganic sources.

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