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Solutions for cattle


  • Rind
  • Water Application

Early diarrhea and losses during the first two weeks of life caused by various pathogens in rearing calves pose a big threat for many farms. Only a prophylaxis which is based on a broad spectrum of activity can be supportive in young calves.

Please contact our sales department and ask for the availability and distribution rights of our products in your respective country.

  • Features
    • Strengthens local immunity
    • Eliminates pathogens causing diarrhea
    • Stabilizes gut flora
    • Increases vitality
    • Reduces calf mortality
  • Indication

    For effective prophylaxis against early diarrhea, Bimulac® Extra is administered from the second day of life onwards or right after placement on the rearing farm.

  • Package size

    500g can / 1 kg bag

    • Dose
    • Beutel