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Dosing Calculator

Providing feed supplements via drinking water plays an important role – especially in poultry and pig farming operations. To make it quicker and easier to determine the correct dosage and dosing period in the future, we developed a practical dosing calculator for Biochem products.

You can calculate the right dosage for your animals in just three quick steps. The app enables you to perform the calculations on-site in the barn or feed kitchen.

Please click here to open dosing calculator.

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  • Huhn


Step 1

After you select your preferred language on the start page, you will be asked to specify the daily water consumption. You can also use the help link "Determine daily amount" to get a recommended water amount based on the animals' species, number and age.

Step 2

You will be asked to enter the dosage for the specific the product. This information is usually printed on the product packaging. You can also use the help link to select the product and accept the recommended dosage.

Step 3

Now the dosing calculator needs information about your dosing pump and range. If you don't use a pump, simply answer the question with "No".

Finally, you will be asked to confirm the terms and conditions. Afterwards you will receive the optimal dosage information for your livestock.

Please click here to open dosing calculator.