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EQI® Bronchial

  • Pferd
  • Spray Application

If the airways of horses are ill, a sufficient oxygen uptake is compromised. Dry cough and discharge from the nostrils goes usually hand in hand. Dust, cold and damp weather and a weak immune system complicate the self-cleaning abilities of the respiratory tract. This may consequently lead to infection. The combination of active ingredients in EQI® Bronchial supports the entire respiratory system positively.

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  • Features
    • Fosters the natural function of the respiratory tract
    • Improves well-being and the general condition
    • Well balanced formulation of essential oils
  • Indication

    Use EQI® Bronchial via spray application in the diet and /or in the stable. The well-balanced combination of active ingredients in EQI® Bronchial supports the respiratory tract and secures the functionality of the immune system.

  • Package size

    1 l bottle / 5 l canister

    • Flasche Liquid
    • Kanister Liquid
  • EQI® Bronchial
  • EQI® Bronchial