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Solutions for horses

EQI® Gastiv

  • Pferd
  • Feed Application

Gastric irritation, which can lead to gastric ulcers, is observed in sport and leisure horses and unfortunately in every second foal. Upcoming secondary problems such as  imbalance of the  microbiota of the large intestine and a watery stool problem affect the welfare of the animal significantly. EQI® Gastiv is an optimal tuned feed supplement to reduce stomach and intestinal problems.

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  • Features
    • Supports the regeneration of the gastric mucosa
    • Reduces the problem of watery stool
    • Improves the digestibility in the colon
    • Fosters general health and performance
  • Indication

    EQI® Gastiv supports horses, ponies and foals in case of gastro-intestinal problems. The combination of active ingredients in  EQI® Gastiv enhances the well-being of your animal. 

  • Package size

    7 kg bucket

  • EQI® Gastiv
  • EQI® Gastiv