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Solutions for horses

EQI® Hoof & Coats

  • Pferd
  • Feed Application

Brittle hooves, low quality of horn and dull coat are common signs of an insufficient trace element supply. With the application of EQI® Hoof & Coats highly available organic trace elements and the vitamin biotin are added to the daily ration of horses. An improvement of hoof and coat quality is the result.

Please contact our sales department and ask for the availability and distribution rights of our products in your respective country.

  • Features
    • Provides highly available organic trace elements and biotin
    • Fosters strenght of hooves
    • Increases shine of coat
  • Indication

    EQI® Hoof & Coats should be mixed with the usual feed daily.  Complementary feeding stuff for hooves need time to improve the horn quality. Cracked hooves need up to 1 year to be healthy and strong again.  Application recommendation of EQI® Hoof & Coats: Rough, brittle, chapped, soft, poor growing hooves

    • Horses which are often shod
    • Horses which are prone to trush
    • In case of skin irritation and dandruff
    • During change of coat

  • Package size

    700 g tin

    • Dose
  • EQI® Hoof & Coats
  • EQI® Hoof & Coats