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Solutions for horses

EQI® Letics

  • Pferd
  • Liquid Application

Muscles are the "engine" of the horse. While tailored training strengthens the muscles, the cardiovascular system adapts to the higher level of performance. This reduces the risk of overload and hyperacidity of the muscles during repeated exercise.

If the horse suffers from a deficiency, especially of vitamin E and the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, the building of muscles is delayed or even stopped completely.

EQI® Letics offers an optimal combination of antioxidative substances and important amino acids for muscle build up.

  • Features
    • Supports formation of cardiac and skeletal muscles
    • Promotes regeneration
    • Improves suppleness
  • Indication

    In periods of heightened performance, in young horses during phase of training, or during training- or injury-related breaks, EQI® Letics protects the muscles from oxidative stress and provides rapidly available  components for the regeneration and development of the muscles.

  • Package size

    1 liter TwoNeck

    • Flasche Liquid