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Solutions for horses

EQI® Protector

  • Pferd
  • Oral Application

The passive immunity in newborn foals decreases over time, whereas the active immunity builds up slowly. An immunological gap arises in the transition period from the passive to the active immunity. This gap is a big challenge for the young animal. In adult horses and ponies stress, illness or vaccination may affect the immune system temporarily. EQI® Protector provides an extra dose of essential nutrients and immunoglobulins to the foal immediately after birth, and to weakened horses if required.

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  • Features
    • Improves intake of immunoglobulines
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Supports development of a positive intestinal microflora
  • Indication

    EQI® Protector supports the foal immediately after birth, in periods of insufficient colostrum intake (illness, loss of mare, early and twin births), in the weaning phase and during mild intestinal disorders. Horses and ponies receive EQI® Protector after vaccination, deworming, feed changes, transport, mild intestinal disorders, poor general condition and for convalescence.

  • Package size

    32 ml syringe

    • Spritze
  • EQI® Protector
  • EQI® Protector